Maintenance for Interlocking Rubber Flooring

Interlocking rubber flooring is becoming a popular flooring option. Rubber flooring is not only relatively affordable and low maintenance, but it is also easy to install, especially with the interlocking features. Here are a few significant maintenance tips you should adopt for your interlocking rubber flooring.

Regular Cleaning Suggestions

It is important to regularly clean your floor. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any dust and other dry dirt. Do not use an excessively high suctioning. Then, use a mild liquid detergent or a commercial rubber floor cleaner in your water and immerse a mop in it. Use it to wipe the floor so as to remove any dust, debris and other dirt residues. Do not apply too much water, to avoid getting it caught up in the floor's intersections. Finally, wipe with clear water to remove any soapy residues, and allow to dry.

Treating Stains

If you notice any stains, use a specialized stain remover onto the area.

Regular Checking

Regularly check your rubber floor, especially at the interlocking parts. This will enable you to be aware of any minor damages. You can be in a better position to repair them before they become larger or more problematic.

Things to Avoid

It is crucial to never to use any acidic solutions or solvents. It is also important to avoid using abrasive cleaning objects, such as steel wool or scouring pads.