Maintenance Free Decking: Innovative New Designs

There is no decking that will not require you to keep it clean and free of debris and stains, but there are maintenance free decking materials that you can use that will hold up much better and require much less work. These maintenance free decking products are usually made up of composite materials that can be cleaned easily and this will help your deck look great all of the time.

Composite Decking Materials

The cost of maintenance free decking material is higher than other traditional materials. However, you will save money over the long term by reducing the amount of staining and other maintenance tasks.
Composite deck materials are made from a combination of natural and synthetic products, thus giving it the look of wood, but less maintain hassle.


With the new composite decking option, you can have customized railings and steps molded to fit more designs than are possible with wood. They will also come in a wider variety of colors than typical wooden decks. This saves you from the extra painting and sealing steps after building.


Regularly cleaning the maintenance free decking will help to keep the deck from becoming stained by leaves or other debris that can collect on the deck. Just be sure that you sweep the deck and regularly spray it down with water to remove dirt that has built up on the deck. If your deck needs stain removal, there are a number of products on the market that are designed for composite maintenance free decking materials.