Maintenance Pointers for a Rubber Floor Covering in a Garage Maintenance Pointers for a Rubber Floor Covering in a Garage

Rubber floor covering is a great choice for installing in a garage because it is pliable and skid resistant. After you get it installed, you want to be able to keep it clean and in good shape. Here are some maintenance pointers for rubber floor coverings in a garage.

Cleaning Rubber Floor Coverings

If your floor isn’t that dirty, then all you should have to do to keep it clean is to sweep with a vacuum cleaner to ensure you get up all the embedded dirt and then go over it lightly with a wet mop. Make sure the mop is only damp because you don’t want the floor to soak up the water.

Extra Embedded Dirt Removal

If the rubber floor coverings are extra dirty, you may have to take a few more steps. If so, you would use a buffer or use an automatic scrubber with a soft pad on it to clean the floor. Any leftover water needs to be vacuumed up with a wet/dry vacuum. Then you have to rinse it with a damp mop and dry as in the method for light dirt.

Daily Cleaning Maintenance

Daily damp mopping and vacuuming needs to be done to keep your rubber floor coverings in shape. This will ensure it doesn’t pick up oil from your car, etc. With proper maintenance your floor will last for many years.

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