Maintenance Tips for Exterior Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are a popular type of flooring material, because if they are properly maintained they can last a long time. This is apart from the fact that they provide a pleasant atmosphere. Here are some maintenance tips that you should take into consideration to retain your exterior slate tiles in good condition, and to reinforce their longevity against outdoor conditions.

Tip 1: Regular Cleaning

Primarily, it is crucial to clean the tiles on a regular basis. Rinse the slate tiles with a mixture of warm water and some mild soap. Stay away from acidic cleansers. Prolonged dirt, grime and dust will ruin the finish of your slate tiles. Any spills or stains should be cleaned as soon as you notice them. Regular cleaning is crucial, since outdoor conditions are bound to cause a considerable amount of dirt and residue.

Tip 2: Specialized Cleaning

From time to time, it is a good idea to wash the slate tiles with a stone cleaner. Also, if you notice any algae or moss developing, scrub the areas with a mixture of water and a little bleach. Always exercise caution with the cleaning equipment you use, so as to avoid causing any abrasions to the tiles. Use soft brushes and cloths.

Tip 3: Covering with Sealant

It is important to cover the slate tiles with a suitable sealant. This will provide an additional protective layer to the tiles, which will improve its resistance to stains and other damage. It is best to apply more than one coating. You will need to re-seal the tiles from time to time, especially when you notice any discoloration, fading or signs of wear. Obviously, in the case of exterior slate tiles, it is even more important to reseal them from time to time.