Maintenance Tips for Limestone Flooring Maintenance Tips for Limestone Flooring

Limestone flooring has a lot of appeal due to its natural look and sheen. It is softer than some other stones and because of this requires some special cleaning processes.

Keep It Clean

An 'ounce of prevention' is a good rule when caring for a limestone floor. Sweep the floor daily to prevent buildup and a lot of grime forming. Mop at least once a week with a pH neutral cleaner. Because it is porous, limestone will absorb cleaners and the wrong one can will damage the flooring. Don't use cleaners with an acid base, such as vinegar or citrus, and never use scouring powder or steel wool on stubborn stains as it will damage the limestone. If you have a spill, clean it up immediately but don't rub as the stain can actually be rubbed into the stone.


Sealing your floor is a usual maintenance requirement that should not be overlooked. Sealing will prevent stains from soaking into the surface and will help reduce scratches and marks on the limestone floor. Sealers can be purchased from retailers that sell this type of flooring. Follow the manufacturers instructions on the container.


Use mats or rugs in front of sinks and work areas as well as under bathroom counters and near bathtubs to prevent stains and damage to the floor.


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