Maintenance Tips to Make Gate Hinges Last

Gate hinges have to support the weight of the gate and constant traffic, and they have to be fixed in the proper manner to function well. A gate, whether made of iron, wood or any other material, is only efficient if its hinges are tailored to its needs. It might be said that correct installation of the correct hinge is the foundation of good maintenance.

Proper Installation of Hinges

This is important as everything depends on proper installation of the hinges when the gate is put in place. You must make sure that there is enough space under the gate for it to swing clear of the ground when opened or closed. Additionally, the placing of the hinges must be balanced to allow even distribution of the gate’s weight, plus, possibly children climbing and hanging on to it.

Avoiding Rust

Stainless steel or galvanized iron hinges are far superior to other materials as they will never rust and are very durable. If rust should form on metal hinges it will weaken them and spoil their aesthetic effect. Besides, it will make the gate sag, interfere with its closure and aperture, and can cause an accident. To prevent this, keep hinges clean and free from rust by regular oiling. Regular oiling also helps to kill termites that can form on a wooden gate or fence and avoids squeaking brought about by damaged hinges.

To remove rust use steel wool together with a commercial remover. Take special care when using commercial removers and make sure to wear protective clothing as they are very toxic.


Superfluous vegetation can grow in walls where hinges are located and can interfere with their proper functioning. So be on the lookout for this unwanted greenery or any small, loose stones and remove them at once on a regular basis. Weeds can also damage stone walls causing them to crack and split.

Gate Stops

These are ideal to prevent wear and tear on hinges and stop the gate from slamming. This reduces the need for frequent hinge and gate adjustment. Stops come in many sizes according to gate height and width. They are also made of different materials such as wood, metal or vinyl.

Hinges may be the smallest part of gate hardware, but they play a significant part if the gate is to function as it should. They are also the most vulnerable part of the gate as they have to take the brunt of constant opening and closing. When buying gate hinges always get the best because they last longer and need little maintenance, such as the occasional tightening of bolts with a screwdriver and oiling. If an accident should happen, like a vehicle hitting the gate, hinges may become bent or distorted. In that case they will have to be replaced.