Make 2 Stylish Dog Collars Out of Leather

What You'll Need
A long strip of leather
Leather punch
Xacto knife
D ring
Needle nose pliers
Template for cut out design (for decorative cut out collars)
Mallet (for studded collars)
Decorative studs (for studded collars)

Many dog owners want stylish dog collars for their beloved pets. Leather is the preferred choice because of its durability and comfort. However style and leather can come with a designer price tag. Fortunately, for a fraction of the cost of buying one, you can make one. By making your own collar, you can personalize and decorate it to fit your needs and personality.

Below you will learn how to make 3 soft leather stylish collars. Instead of spending a bundle of money on a collar from the store, make a custom one for your four legged family member.

Step 1: Braided collar

Braided collars are cute and easy to make. The first thing you need to do is measure the neck of the dog you are making a collar for. Add 6 inches to the measurement. This allows for the buckle and ensures that the collar will not be tight. You can always trim any excess off. Use the scissors to cut the leather to the length that is needed. Crop the corners on the end to give the collar a more finished look. Using a Xacto knife, cut the leather into thin strips leaving 5 inches uncut on one end for the buckle. Just remember that these thin strips will be braided together. In this example, we are using 3 strips.

Step 2: Braid the Strips Together

To do this, start by pulling each strip out straight. Cross the left strip over the center. Now cross the right strip over the center. Repeat the process all the way down. At the end of the braid, sew a hem and trim off the ends at an angle to create a v-shaped tip. You might consider measuring it against the dog’s neck one final time before you cut it. The braid acts as decorative touch and allows the collar to be adjustable.

Step 3: Attach Metal Ring

Next, slip a metal D ring on the collar to hold the dog’s rabies and license tags. Ensure that the D faces toward the outside of the collar. Next, add the buckle to the end of the collar. If you have a large dog that is still active, choose a large enough buckle to hold him. To attach the buckle, fold the unbraided end of the collar over the end of the buckle. The buckle pin will need an oblong hole punched for it along the center line of the collar to allow it to pass through. Sew the folded end of the collar to itself to hold the buckle in place.

Step 2: Decorative and Studded collars

Measure the neck of the pet. Add 6 inches. Cut the leather strip and trim the corners. Next, punch holes at one end of the leather strip for adjusting the collar. Lay out the design of where the cut-outs or studs will go. Keep in mind, you need to leave 6 inches on the solid end for the buckle and D ring. Either cut the design out or gently tap the studs in place using the appropriate tools to do the job.

Finally, attach the buckle and D ring as described in step 1. Find your furry friend and put the new custom collar you just made on him or her.