Make a Bathroom Air Freshener Jar in 6 Steps

A DIY air freshener made with blue and white striped paper and a canning jar.
What You'll Need
4-ounce canning mason jar
Essential oil(s)
Baking soda
Decorative card stock or paper

It goes without saying that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Fortunately, this doesn't mean that you need to spend a pretty penny on stylish bathroom accessories and details. Often, items in the bathroom can be made on a budget with supplies you already own. For example, air fresheners are essential components of a clean and welcoming bathroom. While it's easy to purchase an air freshener and call it a day, why not use this need as a chance to emphasize your bathroom decor? With this easy DIY project, you can create an air freshener that matches your space. To top it off, it will cost you next to nothing and is free of mysterious chemicals and additives. Keep reading to learn how to take on this clever homeowner hack.

Step 1 - Gather the Materials

Supplies needed to make your own room air freshener.

Before beginning this project, round up the necessary supplies. While mason jars are available in many different sizes, you'll only need a small 4-ounce jar. Your choice of paper provides you with the opportunity to customize this project to your heart's content. For a simpler look, opt for paper in a solid color that matches the theme of your bathroom. Alternatively, you can use a fun patterned paper for a splash of pizzazz. Seasonal prints, such as flowers or leaves, can also be used to bring a festive touch to your space. You have the freedom to create a design that matches with the decor of your home.

Step 2 - Trace the Jar Lid

Tracing a canning lid onto striped paper.

The lid of every canning mason jar can be separated from the ring. It can be removed by simply taking the lid from the jar and picking up the flat circle portion. Using the pencil, trace this lid onto decorative paper of your choice. The pencil does not have to leave a super dark mark, as it will be eventually covered by the lid. This is just a guideline for cutting the paper.

Step 3 - Cut Out

A pair of silver-toned scissors next to a circle of blue and white striped paper.

Using the scissors, carefully cut along the circle you just drew. Don't worry if the edges aren't completely perfect. The ring of the mason jar lid will conceal any uneven edges. If you mess up, simply trace another circle and cut again.

Step 4 - Add Baking Soda and Essential Oil

A canning jar of baking soda.

Fill the jar halfway with baking soda. In the interest of keeping your air freshener as fresh as possible, you do not need to completely fill the jar with baking soda. Routinely changing the baking soda will keep your bathroom as fresh as it can be. Therefore, by filling it halfway, you'll be less likely to waste baking soda and essential oils. Once you add the baking soda, add 6-10 drops of essential oils. You can combine oils to create a custom scent. Lemon, orange, lavender, and rosemary are all excellent options. Feel free to use different scents depending on the time of the year and season.

Step 5 - Cover the Jar

A canning jar with blue and white striped paper as the lid.

Place the circle paper cut out along the underside of the ring. Screw the lid back onto the jar. The circle and ring should fit comfortably. This will also ensure that the baking soda does not spill if the jar is knocked over.

Step 6 - Pierce Holes

A pair of scissors poking holes into the paper lid of a canning jar.

Using the scissors, stab the paper to create a set of holes. You don't need to be systematic about this, however, make sure the holes are evenly dispersed throughout the paper lid. This will let the aroma of the essential oils travel from the jar and into the air.