Make a Canvas Awning in 4 Steps

What You'll Need
Heavy-duty scissors
Industrial strength sewing machine
Heavy thread
Tape measure
Drill and bits
Grommet hammer
Metal rings
Heavy rope

A canvas awning is a great way to shade a door or window. The process isn’t the hardest in the world, but it will take some time and patience. Here’s how you can do this for yourself.

Step 1- Measure and Cut the Canvas

You will want a large canvas for this. Cut it down to the size you need for the size of your awning. If you are creating a rounded awning then it needs to be cut to reflect this. If it’s a basic rectangular shape, then cut for this. Hem the edges using your sewing machine.

Once it’s been cut down to size you can start to measure it for the exact size you need and start marking it. First mark the area on your home that you are attaching the canvas to. Use your drill to create a hole in each corner of the house where the canvas will hang from.

Step 2- Place Hooks and Grommets

Use the grommet gun to attach grommets to each corner of the canvas. Place the 1 inch metal rings in to the two corners that will attach to the house. This will serve for the actual installation of the awning. Make sure the rings are secure. If they aren’t in tightly you will risk the awning coming loose from the house.

Step 3- Install Your Poles

Drive metal poles in to the ground. You can use PVC pipe if you are creating a temporary structure, but these don’t look as finished as metal poles will. Be sure you measure accurately so you will have the poles installed in the right place. These need to be placed at the outermost point where your awning will end up extending to. The most common way to do this is to use a small post hole digger, place the poles, and fill the holes with cement. A temporary structure can just be staked down instead of digging holes and cementing them in.

Step 4- Attach the Awning

At this point you’re almost done. Place metal rings large enough to fit around the circumference of the pole on to the grommets on the end of the canvas that will extend out. Place the rings over the poles once you’ve attached them to the grommets. Take a long section of rope and tie one end to each grommet. Stake the ropes in to the ground to stabilize the awning. The stakes aren’t necessary, but they will help prevent the wind from blowing the awning down.