Make a Circular Saw Blade Carrying Case

If you work on projects away from your own workshop, creating a carrying case for your circular saw blade will give you a safe and easy way to transport your blades, as well as keeping them protected when stored.

What You Will Need
This will depend on what kind of case you want to make. In most cases you will need to use your saw to create the case. You will also need plywood, a drill, utility knife, a bolt and a tape measure.

How to Construct It

To create your carrying case you will basically need to cut a box by using several layers of plywood. Measure the plywood to create several rectangle shaped pieces that are slightly larger than your blades. You also need to create a handle to attach to the box.

Drill through the center of the box on one side and insert a bolt. Using a wing nut in the center will help keep the bolt in place and you can secure the blade during transport and storage.

Finding Plans
You can find plans all over the internet, or draft your own. Having a plan will help you take the guesswork out of making your carrying case. You can make this as crude or as fancy as you wish.