Make a Goat Shed

What You'll Need
Wooden slats

If you are trying your hand at raising goats for milk, meat or wool, then you will need to invest in a suitable goat shed. While goats can be left outside, or simply in a three-corner structure, you can also fence them in by constructing a proper shed to house them. These types of shelter don't need to be particularly well-constructed, but they can help to keep goats healthy and dry. Making a goat shed can seem rather intimidating, but it is easily done.

Step 1 - Plan the Shed

As a first step, consider the size of the shed you want to build. The goat shelter can be as large or as small as necessary, relative to the size and number of goats that you possess. Each adult goat will need around 4 square feet, so 10 goats will need around 40 square foot. If you need to house more than ten goats, an 8x8-foot shed will be ideal. As part of your plan, you should take care to clear the ground where you will be putting the goat shed: remove any large rocks and other debris from the area, and dig a hole 8x8 square, and 6 inches deep. Half-fill with rubble and gravel, and then raise to ground level by filling the rest with concrete. This is your base.

Step 2 - Insert the Post Holes

Once the concrete is dry, insert two corner posts 8 foot apart. These corner posts should be about 9 feet in hight: bury four feet, and leave 5 feet above the ground. You should then proceed to add corner posts which are 10 feet high, leaving 6 feet above the ground means that the roof has a suitable tilt.

Step 3 - Build the Walls

Next, place in additional posts, enough to support the wooden slats that you will be using. Nail the slats to the posts, enough to ensure that the goats cannot squeeze through. Find three larger slats, and use these to construct a door at one end. This will allow you to pen the goats in whenever necessary. Add hinges to make these turn and a gate-lock at the other side to ensure the goats can't open the door.

Nail plywood along the sides and across the roof of the shed, and paint all sides with waterproof sealant to protect the structure. The sealant should be non-toxic and safe for animals.

Step 4 - Alternatives

Another alternative to making a goat shed in this fashion is to manufacture tires by cutting in half vertically, and stuffing them with earth. Place a piece of cardboard or thin wood over the wheel hole, and poor in earth, concrete or other easily compacted mix. Compress using a tamper and a large hammer. The goat shed can then be constructed by laying large numbers of these tires much like bricks, and covering the top with a piece of wood nailed to the earth/concrete inside the top tire. Gates can bne constructed at the front using a simple hinged piece of wood, with the non-moving end stuck to the wheels.