Make a Rain Cover for Your Wicker Rattan Furniture

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Sewing machine
Notions: thread, pins, long-bladed scissors
Newsprint for pattern drawings
Adhesive tape
Pencils and markers
1-inch grommets and grommet tool
Nylon cord, to measure
Candles and matches or BBQ lighter
Lightweight vinyl sheeting to measure
Cotton flannel sheeting to measure

While wicker rattan furniture is durable and water-resistant, it will not stand up to repeated soakings in the rain. It also will not survive outdoor winter conditions without protection. Make these attractive rain covers for your wicker rattan furniture following these directions.

Step 1: Measure the Furniture Pieces You want to Cover

Use the tape measure to record the height from the ground, width, length and depth from front to back of each furniture piece you wish to cover.

Step 2: Purchase Vinyl, Flannel Sheeting, and Cord

Total the measurements of all the items you want to cover, and add 2 inches seam allowance around all sides to the total yardage. Purchase lightweight vinyl and flannel sheeting at a fabric store or outdoor supply shop. Measure the length around the bottom of each piece of furniture and add 1 yard to each for cord to tie off the covers.

Step 3: Make the Patterns for Each Cover

Draw the patterns onto the newsprint following the general shape of each piece. Tape sheets of newsprint together as needed.

Step 4: Cut the Vinyl for the Covers

Cut the vinyl sheeting first for each cover and pin the cover together. Try it carefully on the item to ensure it will fit to the ground to protect the legs.

Step 5: Measure and Cut the Flannel Lining for the Covers

Measure and cut the flannel lining fabric so that it is about 1/2 inch smaller than the vinyl sheeting. It will be held in place by the seam allowances you sew into the vinyl.

Step 6: Pin the Lining into Each Cover

Fasten the lining pieces to the vinyl cover pieces with pins. Sew the two fabrics together all the way around with a 1-inch seam and hem, for each part of each cover.

Step 7: Sew Each Cover Together

Using a 1-inch seam allowance, sew the sections of the vinyl cover together to make the covers, leaving the bottom seams open.

Step 8: Add Grommets

Allow 4 grommets for the bottom of each chair cover and 8 grommets for each sofa. Draw on and cut out the center of each grommet, placing the holes between the legs to prevent scratching the frames. Secure the grommets with the grommet tool.

Step 9: Cut and Thread Cord for Each Cover

Measure the distance around the bottom of each cover and add 3 feet. Cut the cord to the correct length and seal each cut end over an open flame. Thread the cord through the grommets and pull an even length out of the first and last grommet. Tie off the cover at the bottom snugly.

Use these rain covers to protect your outdoor wicker rattan furniture year-round if you live in a climate with mild winters, or store your furniture in the garage or storage unit under these covers to keep it clean for next spring.