Make a Safe Tire Swing for Children

Children love to play on tire swings when they’re growing up. However, tire swings can be dangerous if they’re incorrectly built or placed in an unsafe area. It is important to understand how to make a tire swing that is safe for children to ensure happy and healthy play time.

Choose the Correct Place for the Tire Swing

It is important to determine whether or not your property is a suitable space to have a tire swing. The ideal place for a tire swing is under an old tree free of any obstructions. There should not be anything around the tree that would obstruct any of the swings potential paths.

A tree surrounded by a grass-covered area is the perfect place to install the swing.

It is also important to locate a tree with thick, old, and secure branches. There should be no potential for breakage and the branch must be able to withstand two times the amount of force that your children will create.

Gather the Correct Supplies

When selecting the best tire for your tire swing there is two things to consider: cleanliness and mass. Choose a tire with flexible rubber and at least an inch and a half of viable tread. It should be fairly heavy and thick enough to withstand the weight of your children.

Also, be sure that the tire is clean. You do not want your children to return from play covered in soot and unsanitary dirt. You can easily clean a tire by taking it to your local car wash and using the pressure washer to blast off all of the clinging debris.

The rope that you purchase for your tire swing should be much thicker than you will realistically require. This will ensure that your swing is safe and heavy-duty enough to last for years to come. Purchase a fat rope at least three feet longer than your space requires. The extra length will allow you to tie enough knots without worrying about how much length you have left for the swing.

Assemble the Safe and Fun Tire Swing for your Children

Begin by attaching one end of the rope to the strong tree branch you have selected to hang the swing from. Never rely on a single knot to hold the load. Instead, double them up and tie several different types of knots to ensure safety.

Now, you will have a rope hanging from the branch of your selected tree. Test the limb one more time for safety by pulling as hard as possible on the end of the hanging rope. You may swing your own body from this rope to ensure that it is stable and unmovable.

Next, tie the tire to the hanging end of the rope as tight as possible. Be sure that the tire is at least two or three feet above the ground, but not too high that your child cannot mount it. Securely tie the rope onto the tire so that it hangs directly in the middle and is strong enough to withstand the force of your own body.

Now you have completed making a safe tire swing for your entire family. Since you have built the swing to withstand the weight of an adult, bring your entire family into the back yard and enjoy swinging together.