Make a Shadow Box Out of a Cutlery Tray Make a Shadow Box Out of a Cutlery Tray

What You'll Need
Cutlery tray (any shape, size or material)
Spray paint (Optional)
Battery operated lights
Stenciling kit (optional)
Fancy wood Trim
Miter saw
Finishing nails
Decorative lining

Shadow Boxes are great elements used for displaying your collectibles or favorite items on a wall. Use a shadow box to dress up and decorate any wall space. Shadow boxes can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Go to a local craft store and they are sure to have many different types of shadow boxes available. Display art, display knick-knacks, display a collection of coins or spoons using shadow box displays. You can easily make your own shadow box from a cutlery tray. Follow these steps and you will have a beautiful wall filled with shadow-box displays.

Step 1 – Find Your Cutlery Tray

Go shop at your favorite housewares store. Enter the kitchen aisles and veer your way towards the cutlery tray section. Cutlery trays today come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials. From bamboo to black wood veneer, from multi-section to single-section drawer or trays, cutlery trays are available to suit your individual likes. Cutlery Trays are no longer flimsy plastic trays that are just meant for spoons, knives and forks.  Pick out one, two or more of your favorite trays. 

Step 2 – Paint your Tray and Wood Trim

Looking for a special color? Looking to create a wall full of art? Looking to display your artifacts or your collectibles in style?  If your trays are a wood material, take a can of wood spray paint (pick out your favorite color at the local home improvement store) and spray your cutlery tray. Paint your wood Trim. Try taking a stencil and adding some stencil art.  Let your tray dry for at least 24 hours

Step 3 – Apply Wood Trim to Your Shadow Box

Using a miter saw cut your fancy wood trim to fit around the edges of your shadow box. The wood trim should join at 45 degree angles all around the box. Join wood trim with a dab of wood glue. Drive a finishing nail into each edge of the wood trim to fully secure in place.  Touch up any bare areas with the spray paint. Let your shadow box sit for another 24 hours.

Step 3 – Pick Your Background

If desired, pick a background lining for your shadow box. Felt, fabric and decorative papers are among the most popular background linings for a shadow box.

Step 4Light Up Your Shadow Boxes

Take your dry cutlery tray and mount one of your battery operated lights inside the top of the cutlery tray. Test your lights. 

Step 5 – Place Your Collectibles or Artwork Inside Your Shadow Box

Pick the pieces of your art or collectibles you wish to display. Place them inside the shadow box as desired. Try arranging your collectibles and items of treasure in different ways until you are satisfied with their display. Mount the shadow box on the wall for full display.

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