Make a Shuffleboard Table for Your Sports Bar

A shuffleboard table.
What You'll Need
3/4" MDF board
4x4 posts
1x6 pine
Foam padding
Finish nails
Bowling alley wax
Finish of your choice
Table saw
Finish nailer
Miter saw
Circular saw

No home sports bar can be called complete without a fully functional shuffleboard table on the premises. Hours of enjoyment can be had with a simple shuffleboard table that you can build in a few hours on the weekends.

You can build a simple shuffleboard table quite easily, and inexpensively, with just a few basic materials any hardware store would have. Of course, if you want to put a little more money into it, you can always use some of the more exotic woods.

Building the Legs

Starting with the legs helps you accomplish something right off the bat. Take the 4x4 posts and round off the edges with a router and round-over bit. Cut them down to size (22.5"). Next, using a straightbit in a router, cut a dado down the center of each leg where a piece of 3/4in. plywood will rest.

Cut out a 15 1/2" x 20 1/2" piece from 3/4" plywood and fit it in between the two legs. You will be making two sets of these. One for the front of the shuffleboard table and one for the back.

Build a Box for the Cradle

The cradle for your sports bar shuffleboard table is basically a box. Using 1x6 pine, 12-feet long, attach these to 25 inch pieces to form the box of your cradle. Place strips in between at regular intervals to strengthen the box and give you a place to firmly attach the top. Attach the legs to either side, and you now have the beginnings of your shuffleboard table.

Put on Playing Surface

Cut out the MDF board to fit onto the pine boards, and begin to paint in your lines for the shuffleboard scores. Use trim pieces to dress up the legs and the outer cradle.

Stain It

No piece of homemade furniture, especially for a sports bar, is complete without a few coats of clear coat finish. Use a finish of your choice and bring your shuffleboard table project to a close.

Your friends will never want to leave your home sports bar every again! This piece of homemade furniture will provide them with hours of entertainment.