Make A Stained Glass Door Make A Stained Glass Door

A stained glass door is surprisingly easy to make, and it will add flair to any room you put it in. Just follow these simple steps, and you can have one of your own in no time.


    •    Graphite pencil
    •    Glass Paints (both tubing and opaque)
    •    Newspaper or plastic tarp
    •    Gloves
    •    Paint brushes
    •    Tracing paper- optional
    •    Glass

    You may want to find a pattern in a book to follow. If you find one you like, start by tracing the pattern, and follow these steps:

    1.    Once the pattern is traced out, go ahead and transfer this to the glass using the graphite pencil. Graphite is best because it will wash off easily.

    2.    Prepare to start painting by laying out the newspaper or tarping. Make sure you have enough room to maneuver around the piece of glass.

        Using the tubing paint (available at any craft store), slowly outline the pattern. The tubing helps to keep the paint in place.

     Once the tubing is completely dry (usually takes about two hours), start painting the interior design. Glass paint is different from other paints, and since it will show brushstrokes in much more detail, take extra care with your strokes.

        Once the paint is on, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setting the paint. Most of them just have to dry completely.

    Now you have your own stained glass to show off in any door or window you choose!

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