How to Make a Unique Ottoman Tray How to Make a Unique Ottoman Tray

If you enjoy woodworking as a hobby you should consider building an ottoman tray to incorporate into your ottoman. You can incorporate an ottoman tray in just three easy steps.

After you’ve constructed the frame and have sheathed your ottoman, you can prepare the frame for the ottoman tray. 

First you’ll need to install cleats on the inside of the frame to support the tray. These cleats should be at least 1” thick and 4” wide. They can be fastened to the inside of the ottoman frame to allow for the tray to sit below the top of the ottoman.  It’s extremely important that these cleats are level since they support the tray.

Next you can construct the actual ottoman tray out of any type of finished wood such as white pine. After constructing the outer frame of the tray, you can use the white pine as planking for the bottom of the tray. It’s recommended to use wooden dowels when connecting the individual pieces of the tray frame together for extra support.

Just lay the tray inside the frame and it should rest comfortably on the cleats while still allowing it to be removed from the ottoman.  Now you can finish the top of the ottoman and place it over the tray.  The recessed ottoman tray is now ready for storage.

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