Make A Valance Without Sewing A Thing

Making a valance without sewing a thing is a clever, creative do-it-yourself project. A simple valance can add accent to blinds or shades as well as curtains. You do not need any special skills, other than knowing how to cut fabric and tie an occasional knot or two. If sewing is not in your repertoire of skills, try these ideas to create your very own valance without ever making a stitch.

Materials Needed:

  • Buttons
  • Braided trim
  • Satin ribbons
  • Pine cones
  • Seashells
  • Colorful bandannas
  • Curtain rings and rods
  • Various fabric
  • Glue gun with glue sticks
  • Bed sheets
  • Pillow shams
  • Table runners
  • Tree branches
  • Wallpaper
  • Napkins
  • Table cloths
  • Foam core boards
  • Tacks
  • Two-sided tape
  • Bamboo poles
  • Scissors
  • Pinking shears

Step 1 – Decorative Rod with Satin Ribbon

Try this tip: Choose a decorative curtain rod like a wooden café style that you can hang wide lengths of satin ribbon from (4-inch). Create a knot at equidistant intervals while threading the ribbon onto the curtain rod. Make a creative end cut, an angle or perhaps a “V” cut, to finish off the valance look.

Step 2 – The Outdoor Look

Use a bamboo pole or tree branch as decorative curtain rods perched on top of big head nails. Decorate the nail heads with a seashell, button, small pine cone or other material to hide the nail. Now drape a rustic-looking fabric like checkered tablecloth, burlap, denim or perhaps a newly ironed country-style patterned bed sheet cut to fit.

Step 3 - Zigzag Look

Cut some fabric squares (bandannas) with pinking shears that can be either draped over a curtain rod or hot-glued. Arrange these along the rod in triangle shapes, creating a zigzag look along the bottom edge. Alternate the color between each panel to produce a different look.

Step 4–Linen Look

Natural linens make great valances. Drape ready-made linens like napkins, kitchen towels, tablecloths or pillow shams over the curtain rod. Angle them to create triangles in each panel. If needed, cut any excess fabric away or bind them in the back to put out of view .

Step 5–Foam Core Valance

Here is a unique twist to making a homemade valance. Cut a piece of foam core board that is slightly wider than your window. Wallpaper it with your selected pattern and or color. Attach it to the wall with pieces of double-sided tape. If the tape is not strong enough to secure the board, use either hot-glue or tacks. You can hide the tack heads with flat braid or other material like buttons or seashells.

Step 6–Table Runner Valance

Install a café-style curtain rod, and attach a table runner onto the rod rings. Use a lightweight table runner, allowing it to droop naturally.

Check out the discount rack at your favorite fabric store where bargains on roll ends can be found. This will help you to save money on your non-sewed valances.