Make a Weathervane in 9 Steps

What You'll Need
Piece of wood 12 inches long and 1 inch square
Fine cut saw
Piece of tin plate
Tin snips
Three-quarter inch nails
Large nail

A weathervane indicates the direction from which the wind is blowing. A simple weather vane can be made quite quickly.

Make the arrow

The arrow is what shows the wind direction. The arrow must be designed so that 1 end has more wind resistance than the other. For most weathervanes this achieved by pivoting the arrow off-center. A very simple arrow can be made as follows:

Step 1 – Cut Slots

At each end of the piece of wood cut a slot about 4 inches long down the center line.

Step 2 - Tin Cutting

On the tin plate draw an arrow head and a fletched tail of an arrow. Cut the shapes out with the tin snips.

Step 3 - Fit Arrow Parts

Fit the arrow head into one of the slots and nail it into position with at least 2 nails from each side. Do the same with the fletched tail.

Step 4 - Point of Balance

Find the point at which the arrow balances. If it helps, trim the arrow head to make it smaller. When you have found the point of balance, drill a small hole through the wood.

Step 5 – Find a Mount

Now you need a mount for the arrow. If you have a fence post in your garden you can use that or a simply use a wooden broom handle. Drill a hole into 1 end of the broom handle big enough to take a large nail tightly.

Step 6 – Make a Direction Indicator

A simple direction indicator can be made from a 6-inch square of hard word. Label each of the corners N, E, S and W in the correct order. Drill a hole in the center of the board.

Step 7 – Make a Spacer

You will need a spacer to hold the arrow above the direction indicator. An inch of bamboo would do the job.

Step 8 – Final Assembly

Fit the direction indicator to the end of the broom handle. Two nails will hold it in place but make sure that the hole in the broom handle and the hole in the direction indicator match up. Push a large nail through the hole you drilled in the arrow and make sure the arrow spins freely.

Place the bamboo spacer on the nail under the arrow and then push the nail into the hole in the end of the broom handle. Tap the nail carefully to secure it.

You now have a mobile weathervane.

Step 9 - Test

Either press the end of the broom into the ground or tie it to a fence post with the direction indicator pointing the correct direction.

The arrow should now turn with the wind and show wind direction.