Make a Wine Barrel Smoker

What You'll Need
Old wine barrel
Smoker box
Drill bits
Sandpaper or electric sander
Two cabinet handle

Making a smoker out of a wine barrel is an easy and cost-effective method of getting an accessory most barbecue fans want. A wine barrel smoker can serve as an interesting talking point as you are grilling your burgers. And reclaiming wood items has become fashionable once again. Follow these guidelines to fashion your own wine barrel smoker.

Step 1 - Convert the Wine Barrel

You will need to drill holes in the wine barrel's metal staves; then attach small rings between the metal and the wood.

Now you will convert the barrel by cutting two doors. Cut the first just above the level of the barrel's bottom wood ring. This door should measure about 1 foot long. Use the ring attachment from one of the staves to keep the barrel in place and screw a hinge bracket onto the door so that it will not separate from the wood. Place the hinge along the left side of the door and screw tightly into the wood of the barrel. You can add a latch on the opposite side if you wish.

Now cut a door in the top of the wine barrel. You should actually saw through the top of the barrel. Remove about 1 inch from the top as though you were scalping the cask. Screw a hinge to the top of the wine barrel. Then screw that same hinge onto the door. Add a handle to the top of the new door so you can easily lift it up and down.

Step 2 - Install the Smoker Box

You should now install your heating smoker box. Then measure another 1/2 inch from the top of the box. Make a mark on the outside of the barrel and drill a hole. Measure around the edge of the barrel and make two more holes, so that there are three indentations in the wine barrel. The indentations should form the shape of a Y. Repeat this about halfway up, as well as 5 or so inches from the top.

Put a bolt and screw combination through the first set of holes and add a smoking grid. Repeat for the other two sets of holes. The second hole should be able to support your drip pan. The grid at the top should be the smoking griddle, where you will put your food.

Step 3 - Sand the Edges

Once you have added the grids, sand down the edges of the holes and also the top and bottom where you have made your doors. Once everything is smooth, you can test your new wine barrel smoker.