Make Hot Tub Steps Skid-Proof

Hot tubs come in all varieties, shapes and sizes and most come with hot tub steps which allow for easy access. Most smaller tubs are made of wood, larger ones of acrylic or fiberglass. Wooden tubs, being smaller do not require steps, however the bather will usually step in from the side and use the bench to step in. Acrylic or fiberglass tubs usually have built in steps which have strips of non-skid material. External steps are available from the stores or centers where pool and spa supplies can be purchased or from the manufacturer of the tub itself. There are a variety of ways to make steps skid proof for existing tubs or spas.

Types of steps

Hot tub steps can be straight or curved depending on the size and design of the tub. Many of the larger tubs are no higher than the chest of a person, so that a two or three rung step can do the job. Some of these types of steps are built along the side of the tub as straight steps may take up too much room. In addition side steps only need a hand rail along the open side of the steps. Smaller wooden tubs can be made higher so that the person can sit upright in the tub and be immersed in water up to the neck. Here the steps will have to be higher unless the tub is built sunken into the ground or an additional deck is built around the wood structure.

Built in steps

Many hot tubs, especially those that are larger and made of fiberglass will have steps built into the design. These steps may be integrated into parts of the backs of the seats of the hot tub or consist of the divisions between the seats of the tub. In most cases these steps have rubberized or non-skid materials on them. In many wooden tubs, the steps are also the benches where people sit in the water. These benches generally are not too slippery and the buoyancy of the water and holding onto the side of the tub helps in guiding the person into the tub. Fiberglass or acrylic tubs are slippery when wet, and even though the water helps guide the person in, some sliding may occur when getting into the tub. These non-skid materials on the steps can be replaced when worn. Non-skid strips can be purchased and glued down with waterproof adhesives.

External steps

Wood tubs can generally be higher than acrylic or fiberglass tubs. In some designs the wooden tub can be surrounded by a deck which would allow for careful stepping in to the spa. External steps into the tub can get slippery with people going in and out. Here rubber strips or a non-skid water resistant surface will ensure that water from dripping bathers do not cause an accident. A hand rail will help in stepping out of the tub onto the stair treads.