Make Ice Melt: A Spreader Can Help

An ice melt spreader makes it easier to spread rock salt or other ice melt products on sidewalks and driveways. After snow has been removed, it is important to remove ice to prevent slipping and falling. Spreading salt or ice melting chemicals will make these surfaces much safer and prevent anyone from getting hurt. A spreader, the same kind of machine that is used to put fertilizer or weed killer on lawns, will apply the salt more evenly and with less work than doing it by hand.

Large Area

Anyone in charge of maintenance of a parking lot or other large paved area will want to use a spreader. The work will go much faster and the salt will be distributed without clumps or bare spots.

Types of Spreaders

Spreaders come as mechanical models that are pushed, and also motorized models that use electricity or gas. Most of them have wheels but some are carried. They make the salt or ice melt chemicals spray out in a circle around the spreader, covering a larger area in a shorter amount of time. There are a variety of sizes.

After spreading an ice melting material, wash out the spreader to prevent corrosion of the metal parts.