Make Picture Frames Out of Clay

The task to make picture frames with clay has been made easy for people today with the variety of clays on the market. Various brand names require no ovens or high heat to make them harden. This type of clay is ideal for the task at hand. It is both pliable and easy to work with. Should you wish to use an existing frame and merely decorate the corners you would use the same steps below except for making the base. Either way the ability to make picture frames is simple.

Getting the Shape

Take an oval, round or square shape suitable for the size of the picture you wish to frame. Cake tins can make a good shape to use. Place it over the picture to make sure it will fit. Ideally, you will find an exact fit.

Clear Acetate

The use of clear acetate gives you the view of exactly what you are doing while providing you with a flat surface. Place your shape on a clear piece of acetate bigger than the object; with an acetate pen draw round the object.

Mold the Clay

Mold clay round the edge of the pen marking going slightly inside of the marking edge. By coming inside the edge you are going to be able to fit the picture in and the frame will still hold it. Roll the clay flat. Using a craft knife carefully cut a groove on the inside edge making an indentation to be able to inset your picture. Once you are happy with the result allow the clay to dry. You now have a surface to work on which will be flat and can act as your glass. To make picture frames design on the surface, turn it over.

Making a Design

Model and mold the clay either with your hands or with chocolate molds with your desired pattern. When you are using the clay its advisable to use small quantities at a time as once it’s hardened you can no longer apply it to the frame. If you are using chocolate molds you can press the clay into the design to get the shape. Before you do, either spray the mold with a release agent or apply some dishwashing liquid into the mold. Work around the edge of the base you made attaching small bits of clay as you go. They can be overlapped and set at odd angles but make sure each piece is sticking before you move on.

Completing Your Project

Once you have attached your design, allow it to semi air dry before turning to place your cup screws in it if it is to hang. If you are making a standing frame you will attach the stand to the backing board.

Attach Your Backing Board Pins

You will require at least four pins to hold the backing board into place. Using panel pins bend them to a 45-degree angle. While the clay is still slightly pliable push them in every quarter. Set completely before assembling. This is a simple lesson on how to make picture frames.