Make the Most of Technology in Your Kitchen

A high-tech oven in a kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the last places in the home where people consider using technology. Every once in a while you will find a TV in or near a kitchen for the cook to watch, but in general most kitchens are lacking in modern technology that could be super helpful. So much of it could be used to make your daily life in the kitchen easier. Organize, track food, find recipes, and entertain yourself and others in the kitchen with all of these fancy newfangled gadgets we detail below.

Tablets and iPads

The kitchen is one of the last places in the home where people consider using te

Tablets such as the iPad can be used as interactive kitchen gadgets, especially if you've upgraded to a new iPad or tablet and have an old one to spare. Rather than selling or donating the old one, use it as a technological addition to your kitchen. Purchase a wall mount online or at a tech store to attach the tablet to a wall or cabinet, keeping it away from food and other appliances. If you’d like to be able to move the tablet around the kitchen with you, go for a portable stand. Tablets and iPads can access a large variety of apps that contain recipes, calorie counters, kitchen organizers, and meal planners. Use the iPad in your kitchen to organize grocery lists, keep track of your budget, and upgrade your kitchen overall. Be sure to protect your iPad or tablet with a protective sleeve and screen cover so that you can easily wipe away food, moisture, and crumbs without damaging it.

Sound Systems

When it comes to technology in your kitchen, how great would it be to have music, news radio, podcasts, or comedy tracks bouncing through your kitchen while you cook and clean? Some newly remodeled kitchens have speakers and radios installed right into the wall for surround sound and easy access. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer and are thinking, “No way do I want to go that far for sound,” then consider getting a big-sounding stereo such as a Bose or other under-the-cabinet stereo. Many of these small models are designed to have theatrical, room-filling sound, but are compact and can be mounted almost anywhere. They can also connect to your Wi-Fi, iPod, Bluetooth, or other technological device to stream your favorite music.

Smart Fridges

Tablets and iPads

Technology has extended to refrigerators—so much so that “smart" fridges are available with small LCD touchscreens that have all kinds of useful apps and advantages. Keep track of the food inside your fridge, track expiration dates, and access recipes for the entire family, all from the technology that comes pre-installed on your new refrigerator. The LCD screen simply connects to the Wi-Fi in your home, much like all of your other household gadgets. Some “smart” fridges even have USB ports for connecting things like milk measuring tools. Many of these technologically advanced fridges have apps that allow you to check the contents of your fridge remotely, which is great for double-checking your list while at the store or for impromptu shopping trips.


As with iPads, tablets, and sound systems, you can also install a TV in your kitchen by mounting it under a cabinet, inside a cabinet, or to blank wall space. For smaller kitchens without room to spare, small countertop versions are available. While this may take up some storage space in your kitchen, smaller models can fit neatly in tiny spaces and help inspire you to spend more time in the kitchen preparing delicious and healthy foods while watching or listening to your favorite shows or movies. Otherwise, use it to cook along with you favorite food program. As a bonus, many TVs can connect to the Wi-Fi in your home, accessing apps for recipes, weather, and music much like other forms of technology.