Make Things Interesting with 3D Wall Designs Make Things Interesting with 3D Wall Designs

While conventional two dimensional wall decorations such as paintings and drawings can bring a lot of life to a room, 3D wall designs can add a unique character to any room in the house. Before you make any decisions about how you would like to decorate your room, familiarize yourself with some 3D options. 

Simple But Charming

3D magnetic wall flowers or phosphorescent stars that light up in the dark are a simple yet charming idea that cost very little. Yet, they can brighten up any space.

Picture It

3D moving pictures, framed in glass are available online or at art shops. They can literally make you feel as if you have been transported to another place, standing by a cascading waterfall or looking at a marvelous city sky line. Any theme which takes your fancy to give your home that extra special something is a good place to start.

Kids Can Have It Too

Kids’ rooms can become their own private wonderland with all its magical attributes or they can go high-tech and follow an astronaut on a space walk. You can find a series made especially for kids’ rooms that is lightweight, safe and easy to assemble. They are grouped in collections and the kids can choose from a dinosaur theme, a safari motif or a depiction of the solar system.

Another idea is to get wall designs in adhesive backed foam which depict mirrors, dots and wall letters in bright lively colors that will give kids hours of fun as they move them on walls or furniture according to their whims.


We all have seen, either in real life or on videos and pictures on the internet, those talented street artists who specialize in 3D art. They have the capacity to fool our very senses, not knowing if what we are looking at is real and tangible or is just an illusion. We can create that sort of effect in our homes by using 3D, sculpted wall panels that can turn a blank wall into a gorgeous landscape, an enchanting desert oasis, or whatever the room’s décor calls for. There is a wide range on the market to choose from but they can also be custom made.

Wallpaper Tiles

3D wall paper tiles which are made from recycled paper are another inexpensive way to make a blank wall interesting and fun. They can be glued to the wall like ordinary wall paper or for temporary use, double stick tape is used. They can also be painted over and rotated to form any pattern you like. They come in stripes, ripples and geometric patterns and endless other themes and designs. A theme that stands out is the light-up wallpaper that can be switched on or off and illuminates the whole room.


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