Make Useful Outdoor Shutters

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Most contemporary outdoor shutters are designed for decorative purposes only. However, if you live in an area or region where strong storms are common, outdoor shutters can provide added security and protection. Outdoor shutters can even prevent windows from shattering during strong wind and heavy rain.

You can choose from a variety of different shutter styles that will meet your unique needs.

Café Shutters

Café shutters are designed to cover the lower half of your window, providing privacy and energy savings while still allowing light in through the top half of the window. These are sometimes called “plantation shutters” since they were popular in homes of the old South.

Café shutters are traditionally made of wood, such as basswood. They come in ready-to-finish styles, painted or stained styles. You may want to purchase ready-to-finish if you want to match your home trim exactly.

The shutters install easily with a hinge strip and can be moved out of the way when they are not needed.

Hurricane Shutters

There are many different styles of hurricane shutters, but all provide protection to your windows and home during a hurricane.

Accordion Style Shutters

These mount on the outside, but can be operated from the inside if the window can open. They are great for smooth surface exteriors like concrete or masonry and are excellent for protecting curved areas.

Bahama Style Shutters

These install over the standard glass window. They are made of glass and are opened and closed with a hand crank. They are easy to close in the event of a storm and provide instant storm protection.

Aluminum Colonial Shutters

These are also popular as hurricane shutters. They appear to be standard decorative shutters when open, but in the case of a storm, they can be quickly closed and latched for a high degree of protection.

Rolling Shutters

Roller shutters roll down and completely cover a window. They are used to completely block the sun, insulate the home so that it doesn’t get too hot or too cold, shut out exterior noises, and provide a barrier to intruders and thieves.

Rolling shutters are popular because they are so versatile and save money on home energy bills. Many people like the security features of the rolling shutters. Since many home invasion burglaries take place with forced entry through a window, protecting the windows can cut down on the incidents of such burglaries.

Motorized Shutters

Rolling shutters come in motorized versions that operate with remote control. You do not even have to go outside to lower the shutters if you have motorized shutters. You can simply press a button on your remote and roll the shutters into place.

This is a feature that is purchased by many who want roller shutters for security and energy savings, because it makes them much more practical to use, meaning they are used more often.