Make Your Bird of Paradise Bloom Larger

The bird of paradise plant is an indoor/outdoor plant in colder climates. In climates where it is warm all year round, they look great as a centerpiece in your garden.

Tips For Bigger Blooms

The bird of paradise is related to the banana tree. It's native country is South Africa. When cared for properly, the bird of paradise will live and grow for many years.

  • It can take up to 10 years for a bird of paradise to bloom. Patience is key. The bird in flight shaped flowers are well worth the wait. They like to be slightly cramped in their pots.
  • Correct soil conditions and regular fertilizing will prompt larger blooms. During the hot summer months, give the plant a break from hot mid day sun. You will notice larger blooms if the plant is provided some relief from the dog days of summer.

Keep the bird of paradise healthy all year round

A mature bird of paradise can be up to 5 feet tall. When you bring your plant in for the winter, don't allow the temperature to get below 55 degrees. It needs a good sunny spot. They need to be fertilized every other week during growing season. About once a month during winter months. Use a bloom boosting fertilizer to promote larger and more blooms. Keep leaves dusted and mist with water often.