Make Your Fireplace More Energy Efficient Make Your Fireplace More Energy Efficient

When it is snowing outside, nothing pleases you more than the thought of relaxing by the fireplace with a blanket to keep you warm. Though a number of options are available today, many people still prefer traditional wood fireplaces.

Fireplaces constantly need to be fed with air (oxygen). As warm air is lighter than cold air, it naturally rises up or passes through an outside chimney. The vacuum left behind by the warm air is filled up by the cold air from outside; this leads to a reduction in the temperature of the room. Below are some guidelines to help trap the warm air within the room and increase the energy efficiency of the fireplace.

  • Installing a glass door in front of the chimney will prevent warm air from escaping through it. These glass doors have small vents at the bottom that feed a limited but adequate amount of air to the fireplace. Heat is radiated back to the room through the glass, which thereby increases the overall efficiency of the fireplace.
  • If you do not want to install a glass door, simply buy fireplace inserts or wood stoves from the market; wood stoves come with pre-installed glass doors, external combustion vents, and circulation blowers.

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