Make Your Own Baluster Candleholders

make candle holders from old balusters

Candleholders made from old balusters are attractive and original ornaments that will provide both light and interest to any space. Old balusters can be recycled into candle holders, making an efficient and sustainable ornament that will also be an attractive addition to your living room. You can decorate the candleholder to suit the color and style of your room, or make them give away as presents to friends and family. Follow these steps to make a candle holder from an old baluster.

Prepare the Baluster

Balusters should be cut to make level ends using a saw. When both sides are level, decide which side will be the candleholder. Sand both ends of the baluster. Make sure that both are smooth, without rough edges. Whichever end of the baluster will be the top, drill a 1-inch hole in the center for the candle to eventually fit.

Make the Base

Consider how big you would like the base to be. Remember that the base should have enough room to accommodate the height of the balusters. The wider the base, the more stable the balusters candleholder will be. Once you have decided upon the size of the base, saw the molding to the correct measurement, then miter the corners. Place the molding around the base using the adhesive.

As an alternative, you can buy a large piece of board. Use the molding to hold several balusters at once. You now have a candelabra that is suitable for use during Yuletide and thanksgiving.

Finish the Baluster

Once you have finished decorating the base, put the bottom of the baluster into the center of the base and apply a layer of adhesive. Press the baluster onto the bottom of the base and weigh it down with a heavy book. Allow the baluster to dry overnight. Once the baluster is dry and firmly fixed to the base, turn it upside down and attach the bottom in with a screwdriver and screw.

Decorate the Baluster

Once you have completed the construction of the candleholder, you are ready to decorate it. You can use wood paint to create an interesting pattern on the side of the candleholder. Use a small pot of gold paint to create a filigree around the sides. You can also use medieval color paints to give the impression of age, and again decorate with gold paint to make your old balustrades look like antique candleholders. Put in a colored candle, and add a little bit of melted wax at the bottom to glue it into place.

As an alternative, rather than making a base out of the board, you can use an old book. Glue the pages together to make a solid shape and drill a hole through the book. Put a large screw through this the, and screw it onto the bottom of the book. You can now paint and decorate the book however you wish. You can use gold paint, or tie ribbons around the body, looping around the edge of the baluster candlestick before tying them in a knot.