Make Your Own Carpet Stair Treads From Existing Carpet

What You'll Need
Rubber Backing
Scissors or Straight Blade
Measuring Tape

Carpet stair treads can add a colorful accent to your home and can also ensure that your stairs have a bit of padding, useful especially if you have small children. If you have an old carpet you can make your own stair treads easily with just a bit of cutting and gluing, and here is how. 

Step 1 - Dry Run

Before you start cutting and gluing, simply place your existing carpet on the stairs and make sure you like the way it looks there! This can also help with the measurements as well as deciding if you want to do one long tread or individual treads. 

Step 2 - Measurements

Measure both the length of the staircase and the width of each step. If your carpet is wider than your stairs, that is okay as you can always cut the excess carpet off. If your carpet is narrower than the stairs, you can still make carpet stair treads; the carpet does not need to go to the edge of each step.

If your carpet is not long enough to cover your entire staircase you can opt to make individual treads, one for each step, instead of having one continuous tread. 

Step 3 - Backing

You should consider some kind of backing for your carpet stair treads to protect your stairs and also to further cushion the carpet. You can choose from simple carpet padding or rubber to affix to the corners of the treads. Some backing is self-adhesive but for some you will have to glue it to the back of your homemade carpet stair treads. 

Step 4 - Cutting

If you are making individual carpet stair treads, then you already have the measurements for each step, so cut the carpet accordingly. Depending on how thick your carpet is, you can use scissors or an X-ACTO knife or straight blade. If you have decided to make one long running carpet stair tread, you will cut the carpet after you have laid it on the staircase. 

Step 5 - Gluing

First you will have to glue your backing to the carpet. Use a heavy duty glue or rubber cement. Professionals at a carpet store will be able to point you in the direction of the glue that is right for your materials.

When that glue is dry, you are now ready to affix your carpet stair treads to your steps. If you have gone for individual treads then start at the top and glue the treads in the middle of each step. Use your measuring tape to make sure each tread is centered. If you have decided on one long tread, start at the top of the stairs and glue the top edge of the tread to the top of the step. Smooth the carpet down with your forearm. Then apply more glue to the front, vertical side of the step and press the carpet onto that surface, making sure it is smooth. Repeat all the way down the staircase, cutting off any excess carpet.