Make Your Own Ceiling Mount Bike Lift

If you don’t want to purchase a ceiling mount bike lift kit, you can simply purchase some needed and make one yourself. Here’s how.

Lift Mechanism

You will need to purchase some kind lift mechanism—like a pulley— even if you choose make your own lift. This is the most important part of the assembly. You can find these at hardware stores or professional bike shops.

Attach Lift

Find the ceiling joists and attach your lift to these. Make sure you’ve measured the distance between the handlebars as well as the seat. This will ensure a tight fit and will lessen the chance of the bike falling down.

Once you’ve done this, simply screw the lift mechanism to the joists.


For added security, extend a rope from your bike to a nearby wall and attach it. This will help to steady the bike to prevent swinging.


If you’ve never installed anything like this, it may be best to order a kit. You can find ceiling bike lift kits online for around $40. They all include detailed instructions for quick installation.