Make Your Own Cover for a Daybed

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Sewing pins and chalk
Sewing machine

A daybed is a practical and attractive piece of furniture to own, particularly if you have limited space. It serves a dual function as a place to sit during the day and to sleep at night. Pay attention to the daybed covers you use as they are easy to make and can effortlessly transform a space. You can also make more than one and change the covers regularly.

Step 1 – Measure the Daybed

Measure the length, width and depth of the daybed mattress.

Step 2 - Select the Fabric

Decide what you want the fabric to achieve. If you want a summery look, buy fabric with floral prints. You can choose something that will blend with the décor, or if you want to make it stand out, solid fabric in pop colors will do the trick. A tough fabric is ideal to be used as a daybed cover.

Refer to the measurements of the daybed to determine the amount of fabric you’ll need and pick a fabric of 45 inch width or more.

Make sure the fabric is pre-shrunk and dried if it is cotton or any other natural fiber. Iron out the wrinkles before getting ready to cut it.

Step 3 – Mark and Cut the Fabric

Spread out the fabric on an even surface. Cut the top and bottom of the cover using the length and width measurements and including a seam allowance of at least 1 inch. The front piece will be the length of the mattress, with seam allowance and the depth of the mattress plus 2 inches.

The two side pieces will be cut according to the width of the mattress. You can mark the front and side pieces on the fabric and cut it out as one panel instead of cutting them out individually.

The two back pieces (to which you will add a zipper) should be the length of the mattress and seam allowance. Each back piece will be half the width measurement plus seam allowance.

Once the panels are ready, you can get ready to sew.

Step 4 – Start Sewing

The two back pieces should be placed with the right sides facing each other. Giving a half inch seam allowance, sew the zipper and then iron out the zipper and seam.

Now sew the side and front panel to the back piece. Using your dressing pins, take the resulting piece of back and side panels and pin it to the top panel and sew it. Similarly, unzip the zipper and then attach the sewn panels to the bottom panel and sew them together.

Throughout sewing, the right side of the fabric is placed on one another and you are looking at the wrong side. Now turn it inside out so that you are looking at the right side of the fabric.

Slip the cover over the mattress and zip it close at the back and voila! Your daybed cover is ready.