Make Your Own Screen Dog Door

screen material with bushes in the background
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 30-100
What You'll Need
Metal thread
Metal washers
Magnetic strip
Glue gun
Black duct tape
Masking tape
Soft measuring tape

Even if you have a normal doggy door you may want to consider a dog screen door. Dogs may accidentally damage your screen door when trying to come in or get out of the home. Not many dog screen door products exist because a screen door is a very simple construction which has no substantial thickness to it in order to allow for a dog door. The trick is to use your current screen door and modify it into a dog screen door. The article that follows will show you how to make a dog screen door from your existing screen door.

Step 1 - Make it the Right Size

golden lab in the grass

In order to make a dog screen door that is the right size you need to measure your dog. If you have more than one dog in your home then measure the largest dog that you have. Measure the height of the dog as well as its current width. Now, if you have a puppy, consult the maximum size of the breed that you have and use that as a guide for the size of the dog screen door. A screen door typically is raised which means the dog will jump slightly to get through the dog screen door. When you have the measurement of the animal you can add several inches to the perimeter. Use the ruler and transfer the measurements to the screen door starting an inch and a half from the bottom of the screen door. Tape the area off with masking tape.

Step 2 - Cut the Hole

With the masking tape framing out the area for the dog screen door you can now cut it out. Start at the bottom of the screen door and cut across. This will give you enough room to cut the sides of the area you taped off. Do not cut the top of the screen. The goal here is to make a flap out of the current screen. Do not fold the flap up or crease it.

Step 3 - Finish the Dog Screen Door

pile of washers

The screen flap needs to be able to close on its own and seal itself. The way to do this is to add weight to the end of the screen flap. Remove the masking tape from the screen and place duct tape along the sides so that it is in the front and the back. Do the same thing with the sides and bottom of the flap. Attach several washers to the bottom of the flap using the metal thread and needle. You want them to hang down from the flap. The needle will easily go through the duct tape. Use the hot glue gun and place a thin line of glue on the back of the magnetic strip. Attach it to the bottom of the screen door. Place a second magnetic strip on the outside of the screen door. The dog can now enter and leave without damaging the screen door.