Make Your Own Dollhouse Wallpaper

What You'll Need
Acid free craft paper
High quality printer ink (like photo ink)
Computer and printer
Craft paint (if painting your own design)

Building a doll house is quite an adventure and while there are many kits available, you can still take pleasure in producing something unique. Wallpaper can be very time consuming to make, so look for alternatives first. Finding the perfect wallpaper for your dollhouse can be as simple as finding a gift wrap that you like, or as complicated as designing your own.

Step 1- Choose a Design

If you are planning on designing your own wallpaper from scratch, find a template you can use. You can use computer programs designed specifically for graphic design to come up with some fantastic design ideas. You don't have to use a fancy program either. Most computers have a basic paint tool already installed. If you find a pattern you can copy in to this program, you can print it out. For those who choose to design something a little more low tech, you can still find a template or stencil pattern to use on the craft paper.

Step 2- Transfer the Design

If you are using a computer program, you can just print out the design and start applying it to the dollhouse. If you are going to hand paint the wallpaper, transfer the design you have chosen on to the craft paper.

Step 3- Paint Your Design (for Those Handpainting)

With the design in place, you can start to paint it on the wallpaper. Make sure you are using fine bristle brushes so you can paint the detail without it feathering on the paper.
Once you are done, you can simply let it dry and start to apply it to the walls of your dollhouse.

Additional Tips

You can find a great selection of pre-printed papers at craft stores. You aren't limited to strictly dollhouse wallpaper. You can find paper for scrapbooks, and even tissue paper. The scrapbook paper can be difficult to work with because it's a little thick, but it can still work if you take time when applying it.

Wallpaper stores will also have a large selection to choose from. Many wallpaper stores will sell old sample books for relatively cheap. This is a great way to find inexpensive wallpaper for your dollhouse without all the work.

Even fabrics can make great wallpaper for your dollhouse. Check out fabric sample sales, and the markdown bins at your favorite craft supply shop.