Make Your Own Economical Gutter Cleaner

What You'll Need
PVC pipe
PVC pipe

Having a gutter cleaner to help clean out the gutters along the edge of the roof line of your home makes this tedious job much easier. However, there are times when a homeowner can not afford to purchase a dedicated gutter cleaner. Another aspect of cleaning gutters that many people do not like is that they need to climb a ladder in order to reach the gutters. You can make your own gutter cleaner out of ordinary objects, which is much less expensive and does not include the use of a ladder.

Cleaning Gutters Twice a Year

The gutters on your home should be maintained on a regular basis. This means that a twice yearly cleaning schedule should be adhered to. Usually the times to clean the gutters would be in the spring and in the fall. This will ensure that anything that has built up over the winter and summer months will not interfere with the flow of rain runoff. With the use of a homemade gutter cleaner you can easily keep them free of debris on a more frequent basis.

Basic Materials for a Homemade Gutter Cleaner

To build your own homemade gutter cleaner there are some inexpensive materials you will need. For the main structure of the gutter cleaner PVC pipe is the best choice. It is durable, easy to work with, and low cost. With some PVC glue and 1/2 inch pipe you can make just about anything. Some elbows, end caps, and a threaded end are also going to be needed.

Simple Gutter Cleaner Construction

If you have a one story home with gutters that are not more than 8 feet off the ground you can build a very basic gutter cleaner that does not cost a lot. Purchase two 8-foot lengths of PVC pipe for creating the gutter cleaner and having some extra for repairs. Cut 6 inches off one of the sections with a hacksaw. Glue an elbow onto the end of the other 8-foot length followed by the 6-inch piece. Place another elbow onto the end of that piece with an end cap. Drill three small holes in the end cap. Attach the threaded end on to the long piece so you can screw on a hose. Whenever you need to clean the gutters you simply attach the hose and spray the gutters.

Larger Gutter Cleaner for Two Story Homes

If you have a larger home, the construction will need to be both longer and sturdier. You will use the same techniques to secure the different sections. Instead of using a 1/2-inch pipe, a 3/4-inch pipe will be used. You will also need to use two 8-foot sections that are joined together with a straight coupling. It will be a little heavier, and more awkward to use, but will still do a great job to cleaning the gutters.

Drill Small Holes for More Pressure

When drilling the holes in the end cap of the homemade gutter cleaner you should use small holes. The small holes will create more forceful water pressure that will move the debris in the gutter.