Make Your Own Fountain Make Your Own Fountain

What You'll Need
Threeflower pots of different sizes
Rubber cement
Small pieces of rubber
Masonry bit
Water pump
Rubber hose
Furnace filter
Pea gravel

The patio fountain has become a popular water feature with people who want to dress up their patios, gardens, or decks. Make your own small patio fountain with a few simple tools and materials.

Step 1 - Shop for Pots

Go to your local home improvement store and lay out three pots. One must be large enough to hold the other pot, stones, water pump, and fair amount of water. You will set another pot upside-down inside the larger pot as a pedestal for the third pot. Try out several different sizes until you find the combination you are happy with.

Step 2 - Close up Drain Holes

Cut out small pieces of rubber to put into the drain holes of the large pot and the pot you will be using on top. Apply rubber cement to the rubber pieces and attach them to the bottom of the pots. Cover the entire bottom of the pot if you have enough.

Step 3 - Drill Holes in the Top Pot

Drill a hole in the bottom of the pot that will sit on top of your fountain. This hole should be large enough for the flexible tube to come up through. Also drill three holes in the side of the pot. Make sure the holes appear in front-facing side of the pot, about a third of the way down.

Step 4 - Drill Holes in the Middle Pot

Drill several holes in the side of the middle pot. Then drill several holes in a close circle on the bottom of the pot. Knock out this portion so that the pot is almost bottomless. Drill another hole on the side large enough for the plug of the pump to run through.

Step 5 - Assemble the Fountain

Carry the large pot to the location for your faountain. Make sure it will sit close enough to an outlet so you will not have to run cords across a walkway or in a place where people will trip over them. Set the middle pot, top facing down, into in the center of the large pot.

Put the pump inside and thread the cord out the hole and up over the side of the large pot. Attach the hose to the pump and thread it up through the hole in the upper pot. Set it on top of the pedestal.

Step 6 - Add the Water and Filter

Once you have the pots situated, begin to fill them with water and let the pump circulate it. Cut up the furnace filter and wrap it around the inside of the pot that houses the pump.

Step 7 - Add Stones and Gravel

Put some of the stones in the top pot to hold it stationary. Fill the bottom of the large pot with a few inches of pea gravel. Fill the large pot with water and enjoy.

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