Make Your Own Green Picnic Basket

How green is your picnic? If you are going to have a great day in the countryside will you leave it as you find it? Will the materials you use be detrimental to the environment?

Your Basket

There are many ideal picnic baskets made from woven grasses and canes that you can use. Maybe you could even weave one for yourself? A nice cotton hamper with a stiff base would also work very well.  

Disposable Products

How often do you use plastic plates, knives, forks and spoons on a picnic? So often these are treated as the only alternative to taking your heavy crockery and metal cutlery. Take a look at some of the lightweight, biodegradable, energy conserving products that are readily available to the ecologically concerned person of today.  

Recycled Plastic

The same plastic that gets discarded so casually in streets and countryside can now be re-used without using more scarce resources. It can be converted into durable, colorful re-usable lightweight crockery.

Areca Leaves

The areca tree is a native of Malaysia. Its leaves have been used as plates for many years. Now you can find plates and cups made from this 100% bio-degradable material. Despite being made from a plant material these plates need no varnish or waterproof coat and yet can be soaked and washed for re-use.

Paper Mache

Mashed paper has long been use to make models but it is now used for a wide range of plates, cups and saucers. The material is very light and very durable. A high gloss natural cellulose varnish makes these items look really special.   


Bamboo can be used for crockery but also makes excellent re-usable cutlery. Air tight bamboo containers are excellent for storing natural food because there are no chemicals to leach out.


If you prefer the feel of a glass you can buy recycled glassware. Plates and cups are very popular. They are more eco friendly because they are very hard to break so you do not need to replace them very often.  

Paper Goods

Table cloths, serviettes, napkins and paper towels can all be made from recycled paper. Make a point of using them all the time. Recycled paper goods are probably the most environmentally friendly products of all.

Waxed Paper

To replace cling wrap there is a waxed paper available. The waxing agent is made from sunflower oil or soya and produces a soft and waterproof wrap suitable for any cold food.


There are some excellent drinks available produced from organic fruit and vegetables. Fruit juices are always popular but you can also get organic sodas and even alcohol free beers.


If you are going to have a green picnic then the food you take with you has to be organic too. Shop with your local organic farmers and probably save money as well as eat healthier.