Make Your Own Lighted Mirror

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
1/4-inch thick plywood
Light rope
Cove molding or chair rail
Wood glue
Super bonding cement

Building a lighted mirror can be a fun project to do on a weekend. It isn't expensive or all that difficult to build. When you are finished, you can give the lighted mirror to someone as a gift or keep it for your own use. This article will show you how to make your very own lighted mirror.

Step 1: Sizing the Lighted Mirror

You need to begin this project by deciding on the completed size of the lighted mirror. You can do this by taking a trip to a large department store. Take your tape measure with you and look at the lighted mirrors on display. Measure the ones that you like and record those measurements. This will be the actual size of the completed mirror. If you want the size of the mirror to be exactly the size you measured; measure the width of the molding or chair rail. Add this measurement to the one you took previously. The mirror will fit inside those dimensions with the molding around the outside.

Step 2: Cutting the Wood and Mirror

Cutting a mirror is a job best left to the professionals. When you purchase the mirror have the glass shop cut it to your specifications. If you do not want to go through the hassle of getting glass cut, use a purchased piece as your mirror. Have the plywood cut to the size of the measurements you took earlier. You can finish the wood if you like by staining or painting it. Select the molding or chair rail design that you like and have it routed to the thickness of the light rope you are going to use. Make sure the light rope fits snugly inside. If it doesn't, adjust the width until it does. Cut each end of the rail or molding at a 45-degree angle so they will fit together seamlessly. Drill a hole the diameter of the light rope in one of the far corners of the plywood.

Step 3: Assembling the Mirror

Apply super bonding cement to the back of the mirror. Place some around the edges about 2 inches inside and make an "X" in the center as well. Line the mirror up where you want it and gently lay it on to the plywood and press down. Wait for the glue to dry before continuing on. The end where you drilled the hole is the bottom of the lighted mirror and should be completed last. Put wood glue on a molding or chair rail and set in place. Continue places these pieces of wood around the mirror but stopping at the bottom. Press the light rope inside the routed area until you reach the bottom. Add the final piece of molding or chair and press the light rope inside it. Thread the light rope through the hole you drilled and plug it in. The light rope can be cut, so trim it if need be.