Make Your Own Lined Curtains

What You'll Need
Sewing Machine
Fabric Scissors
Measuring Tape

It can be expensive to fill a room, so consider making your own lined curtains yourself to save time and money. After all, it is easier to go out and buy fabric that matches your decor make curtains to measure than it is to search high and low for pre-made curtains in the right pattern. Follow the simple steps below to make curtains with liners on your own.

Step 1 – Taking Measurements

Start by taking accurate measurements of your window, and how wide and long you wish your curtains to be. Keep in mind that if you would like your curtains to gather at the top, then add some extra inches, at least ¼ of the measurement. So if your curtain needs to be 3½ feet wide, then use 5 feet of material. Leave 1/3 of the fabric for gathering.

Step 2 – Making the Curtain

Double fold the edges of the fabric and pin it in place so that it is easier to sew. You can use a sewing machine and just follow the straight line created by the pins, using a normal stitch. Alternatively, you can chose to hand sew the curtain. This will take much longer to complete and won’t be as neat as if it were done with a sewing machine.

Step 3 – Lining the Curtains

Once the edges have been tidied, iron the fabric to remove any kinks. Now it is time to use the lining that you have purchased or you can use an old white sheet as a cheap alternative. Lay the lining over the underside of the curtain and pin the two sheets of fabric together. Make sure that they are properly aligned. Be patient when doing this because if laid on untidily, they won’t look good when hung up. 

Again, sew the two layers of fabric together along the line of pins. Make sure that you aren’t pulling on just one side of the fabric as you will distort its shape and it won’t hang neatly.

Step 4 – Final Touches

Once the sewing is ready, iron the newly lined curtains properly with a hot iron. Add hooks to the top of the curtain and hang in place. It is always better to ask someone to help you when hanging curtains, to make sure that you do not exert yourself and that the curtain is hung up straight.