Make Your Own Magnetic Fridge Poetry Make Your Own Magnetic Fridge Poetry

What You'll Need
Crafting magnetic strips with adhesive backs, and;
Books, newspapers, magazines, or anything with printed words.

Magnetic fridge poetry is a fun and creative way to give your fridge some added decorative flair. Some of the kits available today can be quite expensive, so making your own magnetic poetry by hand will give you the decoration you're looking for at a fraction of the cost. In order to get started, read the helpful information below to guide you in making great magnetic poetry for your fridge.

Choose Words for Your Poem

Look through the printed media that you have gathered and find words, poems, or sayings that you are drawn to or have always loved. Also, don’t forget about words such as is, and, the, he, she, they, I, and you. When you find words that you would like to use, there are two ways that you can go about using them.  You can cut them out or, if you are looking for a more uniformed look to your magnetic fridge poetry, you can type them into a work document, print them, and then cut them out.

Attach the Words to Magnets

Once you have all of your words cut out, peel the paper strip off of the magnetic strip's adhesive back and stick a word on. Repeat this process with the rest of the words you have gathered. Depending how long your words are, you may or may not need to combine individual magnetic strips. Unless you have a continuous roll of magnetic stripping, then you will not need to worry about making the words fit on smaller individual strips.

Place on Your Fridge

Once all of your words have a magnetic backing, you are ready to place the poem on the fridge. Gather your poem or saying and place on the fridge as desired. Feel free to be creative with how you place it; it doesn't have to be placed straight across like all other sentences we see. You can place it zigzag, some words up and others down, in a wave shape, or even in a circle. The options are numerous and be as creative as you like!

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