Make Your Own Outhouse

If you have a large garden, an outhouse containing an outdoor bathroom is really convenient! Children especially make good use of outdoor restrooms, as they don’t like to interrupt their play to go inside the house to the bathroom.

Apart from the convenience of an outhouse, a composting toilet is a large contribution to improving the environment by cutting down our reliance on a sewage process that releases harmful chemicals. Traditional sewage disposal methods are highly wasteful of water and other valuable resources.

Modern outhouses make the most of the natural aerobic decomposition process of organic matter using bacteria. What is left at the end of the process is a useful, nutrient rich fertiliser.

What Types Of Outhouse Are Available?

  • Traditional “pit” design – this is the design that the older generation may be familiar with. Before indoor plumbing became mainstream, outhouses involved large pits, with seats over these chambers. The pits often smelt foul, and although these outhouses did the job, it was not a pleasant experience to use one.
  • Environmentally friendly “conventional” looking toilets – in an attempt to convert the regular, flushing member of the public to composting toilets, the manufacturers have brought out a range of new models that resemble normal toilets. They even have vacuum suction flush mechanisms that flush away waste material and leave the cubicle clean and odor free.
  • Chamber model – It is possible to get a chamber model toilet, where the user sits on an old fashioned seat which leads down to a series of chambers. The chambers are changed frequently, so that after a couple of weeks, the contents of another chamber are ready to be used as compost for the garden.

How Do I Build An Outdoor Restroom?

Outdoor restrooms are constructed in three phases. First, you need to dig a large hole. Second, you need to install a toilet facility. Third, you need to house the outdoor restroom in some kind of building.

Step 1 - Dig the Hole

At this stage it is essential to measure out everything on the ground, to ensure that the outhouse will fit into the desired space. Dig the hole in the exact space, and ensure that you have a level surface around it.

Step 2 - Install the Toilet

Next install the actual toilet mechanism. If you are going for a very basic model, this is as simple as lining a pit. If you are going for a more sophisticated model, some composting toilets can look like conventional “flushing” ones.

Step 3 - Build the Housing

The building itself is a basic shed, which can be purchased flat packed from any large do-it-yourself store. If you are on a tight budget, you could even make your own structure from fence panels. Even if you are a novice at do-it-yourself tasks, you can feel confident in tackling this part.

Is it Clean?

Just as your indoor toilet needs cleaning, so too will your outhouse. But if you keep the outdoor bathroom scrupulously clean, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be a clean and environmentally friendly way of disposing of human waste.