Make Your Own Patio Chair Cushions

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Needle and thread or sewing machine

Making your own patio chair cushions is a fun project you can undertake to spruce up your patio furniture without going through the expense of purchasing anything new. You can customize your cushions to get the design, firmness and size you want.

All you need is some skill with a sewing machine and you can begin sewing your cushions.  


Step 1: Measure Your Patio Chairs

Before you begin, you need to measure your chairs. Do this by taking the measurement of the seat width first, including the part inside the arms to help fit the cushions more easily. Next, measure the length of the chair from the top of the chair, where you probably want your cushion to start, right up to the edge of the seat.  

Step 2: Cushion Thickness

The thickness of your cushions depends entirely on you. Anywhere from 1 to 1 ½ inches is enough to provide a layer of comfort, but if you want your cushions to withstand heavy use, you can make them up to an inch thicker. You should also decide on foam firmness. 

Step 3: Purchase Your Material

Purchase a piece of foam for each chair in the thickness and firmness you require. Keep in mind that good quality foam will cost just a bit more but give you years of use. Purchase the fabric using the measurements of the foam as an estimate but keep measurements for each cushion in mind.

Remember, your patio cushions will be susceptible to all sorts of weather conditions so avoid purchasing soft material, opting for stain proof and waterproof material instead. You can get plain bold colors or patterns depending on what you prefer and how you want to spend. Buy zippers in matching colors that are an inch or two shorter than the longest edge of the cushions. Long zippers make stuffing your cushions easier and removing the fabric for future cleaning easier.  

Step 4: Cut Foam and Fabric

With a sharp pair of scissors cut pieces of fabric for each cushion, using the foam as a guide. Include enough fabric for the top, bottom and sides and leave an additional ¼-inch for the seams.  Remember, if your patio chairs have a classic shape the cushions will need to curve where the seat meets the back of the chair, so cut accordingly.  

Step 5:  Sew Your Cushions

Sew your fabric inside out to avoid stitches showing on the outside. Sew the zipper on by placing it on one of the longest sides of the cushions. Sealing the seams by stitching double rows is advisable to avoid seams from unraveling.

Turn your cushions right side out and place the foam inside each cushion by opening the zipper. Place your cushions on your patio chairs and test them. If you feel they are a bit smaller than the frame or if they slide about, stitch tie tabs to them to help keep them in place.