Make Your Own Plant Stand on a Budget Make Your Own Plant Stand on a Budget

If you have a spacious home, the use of a plant stand can be a versatile and flexible addition to your home decor. Of course, they can also be used in smaller rooms but it is in spacious areas of a home that plants stands can be used most strikingly and effectively. However, you should not spend a lot of money on a plant stand since you can make one yourself by using objects that you already have in your home. Here are some ideas of how you can make your own plant stand with common things and some imagination.

Old Dishes

To create something artistic for your home, it is important to use your imagination, as well as being as economic as possible. Thus, by using a set of dishes and placing them on top of each other facing downwards, you can easily create a plant stand. The stack of plates are then glued together and decorated to your liking using a nice coating of oil-based paint.

Bowls and Plates

This stand is very similar to the previous one since it is also made up from old dinnerware. This time use bowls and plates and use some creativity to create a pattern by gluing them on each other. Here you can make the plant stand as high as you like but try not to make it too tall since it will become heavy to load. This stand is suitable for medium sized plants but for smaller ones you can make a similar stand by using cups and saucers.

Fish Bowl

Fish bowls can also be used to create a decorative plant stand. Fill the bowl with decorative stones, shells or multi-colored sand and try to make it as fancy as possible. When its full, cover the top opening with a container lid and turn the bowl upside-down. Next paint the lid and decorate the bowl from the outside with some glitter spray. This stand will be perfect in a bathroom window.

Towel Stand

Another idea for your bathroom is to make a plant stand using a towel and a piece of hard but bendable plastic. Lay the towel and the plastic sheet on it and fold the long edges of the towel on the plastic sheet. Then roll the whole structure together until you form a cylindrical shape and then tie it with a piece of decorative ribbon. Now at the top you should have enough room to insert a small plant in the gap.


If you read lots of magazines, here is an idea to make use of these magazines instead of throwing them away in the garbage. Use a large number of old thick magazines and start to roll them up to form a cylinder. Then use some PVC glue to stick the magazine cylinders vertically to create a solid platform. This stand goes perfect with modern interior decorations since it is quite an artistic project.


These are just a few ideas of how you can create an original plant stand from old and cheap household items. Remember to use your imagination to come up with brilliant ideas to create your own stylish and innovative plant stand.

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