Make Your Own Pond Filter in Four Steps

To build a pond filter requires a few materials and a bit of effort. If you'd like to make a filter for your pond, follow the steps below to get your filter built and operational in no time.

Materials You Will Need

To build a pond filter, you need the following items:

  • Pail or planter;
  • Small pump;
  • Mesh bag with porous ceramic cylinders;
  • Medium sized rocks, and;
  • Hose clamps

Step 1- Make Holes

Whether you use a pail or a planter, make sure to poke some holes in the bottom and sides of the item. This allows the filter to work properly and clean more thoroughly.

Step 2- Put in the Mesh Bag

The mesh bag with ceramic cylinders is going serve as your filter. Place it on the bottom of your pail or planter container now poked with holes. Keep in mind that the bag should be at least 1/4 of the total size of the container so the water can move freely. Place a few rocks on top of the bag to keep it stationary.

Step 3- Place the Pump

Place the pump on top of the cylinders and use more the rocks to hold it steady. Make sure the inlet is facing the mesh bag while the outlet is facing towards the opening.

Step 4- Place in Your Pond

You can place your filter on its side or straight up and down, depending on your hose connections and the height of your pond. Placing the filter on its side is recommended as it allows for better water flow. Make all of the necessary hose connections and turn it on to make sure everything is functioning properly.