Make Your Own Portable Work Bench

What You'll Need
Circular saw
Drill bits
Belt sander or plane
Tape measure
Dust mask
Safety goggles
Ear Plugs
2 X 4-inch Lumber
2 X 8-inch Lumber
1/2-inch Plywood
16-3/8 X 4-inch Carriage bolts with Washers and Nuts
Wood Glue
3-inch Wood Screws

A portable work bench can help you meet your space needs in your work shop or area in the home. You can build a bench to your height and space requirements that can also easily be moved to different rooms, such as the garage or basement. Some home improvement centers offer kits and instructions on how to make your own portable work bench.

Step 1: Form the Work Bench Top

Take the plywood and glue and clamp 2 by 4 inch sides on. Allow to dry. This will form the top of the work bench and provide stability and support. Plane or sand the top of the plywood to create a flat surface.

Step 2: Attach Inside Rails

Turn the box assembly top side down and place two 2 by 8-inch rails on the short side of the structure. Use 3-inch wood screws to secure the rails to the box structure.

Align a 2 by 8-foot long rail the length of the box assembly, pulling flush with the short rails. Use the 3-inch wood screws to secure the rail to the box structure.

Step 3: Make the Legs

You will need to construct 4 leg assemblies for the box. Take two 2 by 4-inch pieces of lumber and butt them up to the end of the box assembly, facing each other. Attach the legs to the box using 3-inch wood screws.

Place additional legs inside the corners where the rails meet. The joints between the legs will be visible from the short side of the bench. Make a 3/8-inch hole through the top rails and legs and insert carriage bolts from the outside face of the top rails through the leg pieces. Tighten the bolts by inserting a washer and nut to the ends.

Run a 2 by 4-inch cross beam from the middle of the legs on the long and short sides and attach using 3-inch wood screws. This will give the legs stability and reduce the chance of the assembly falling apart.

Step 4: Complete the Workbench Assembly

Turn the work bench over on to the legs and attach an additional plywood sheet on top. Smooth the top with sandpaper or a plane and you are complete with this project. The dimensions that you use to build this portable work bench are based on your space needs. Be sure to measure the area first before starting the build.