Make Your Own Windowsill

  • 4-8
  • Intermediate
  • 150-50
What You'll Need
Pry bar
Tape measure
Wood saw
Saber saw (optional)

A windowsill is a part of your window that takes a considerable amount of abuse but can also beautify your home's windows. It can serve as a functional area in which plants or other decorative objects can be placed.

You can find windowsills made of many different materials, including PVC, stone, metal and wood. This article will explain how to make a wood windowsill.

Step 1 - Determine the Style of Sill

There are many different styles of sills that you may want to make. However, how your window is made will determine your limitations. You will have to figure how your sill will fit into the window's construction.

Step 2 - Remove Existing Window Trim

With your pry bar, carefully remove the existing apron and trim from the window. Do your best not to damage it during removal.

Step 3 - Measure the Sill

With your tape measure, measure the sill area and mark it. Your measurements have to be precise as your cuts will have to be correct for the inside edge of the window. Precise measurements will ensure a snug and secure fit.

Step 4 - Cut the Wood

You can make your windowsill with anything from 1-by-6-inch wood, all the way up to 1-by-12-inch wood. The wood size you use depends upon the style of sill you want to make. If your window sill will be used for decoration, it can extend beyond the window. Ensure that your cuts are on the mark.

Step 5 - Check the Fit

When you are done with the cuts, check the fit into the window. Ensure that the windowsill is snug in the window opening. Use your mallet to help get the sill in place. Using a mallet instead of a hammer will help to make sure you don't leave indentations in the wood.

Step 6 - Remove the Windowsill for Final Finishes

After you have checked the windowsill for the fit, remove it to finish up the design. If your sill will extend past the window on both sides, ensure that it will extend to the studs in your wall on both sides of your window. This is necessary so you can secure support braces to the studs.

Step 7 - Shape the Edges of Your Windowsill

The edges of your window sill can be squared, angled or rounded, depending upon your flare for design. If you are going round the edges, you will need a saber saw.

Step 8 - Paint the Sill

You can now paint your creation to the desired color. To prevent flaws in the finish, allow the sill to dry before you install it. Once the sill is installed, you will need to cut pieces of 1-by-4-inch wood for a new apron to be placed underneath the sill.