Making a Bird Feeder Using Reused Bottles

What You'll Need
Plastic Soda Bottle (2 liter is recommended)
Bird seed
Screw with a hooked end
String or thin rope

Nearly everyone loves the look of various species of bird flying about in their garden. To attract them many of us place a bird feeder in our yard, enticing them in for a meal. Many are unaware that you can make your own bird feeder out of reused bottles. You can help nature by not only taking care of its birds but by also practicing the art of recycling. 

In this article we will demonstrate how to make a bird feeder out of reused bottles. 

Step 1 - Washing

Before creating the bird feeder you will need to wash the bottle out thoroughly. Use hot water and dish soap then let it dry out completely. 

Step 2 - Cutting the Cork

You will need to take your cork and cut it down to size. It should fit snuggly in the neck of the bottle. Take your knife and trim it down gradually until it fits. Children should not perform this step on their own. 

Step 3 - Drill the Holes

Take your drill and place holes all around the bottle. Again children should not perform this step without at least adult supervision. 

Step 4 - Create the Perch

Find sticks that can go though the holes you have created in the bottle. There should be enough room sticking out of the bottle for the bird to rest on comfortably.

 Step 5 - Place the Sticks

Place the sticks through the hole on one side and out the hole on the other. Usually 3 sticks is plenty to give the birds various levels to perch upon. 

Step 6 - Add the Seed

Fill your bottle with bird seed. Then place your cork in the top of the bottle. It needs to fit quite tightly otherwise the bottle, once filled with seed, will fall when it is hung up. 

Step 7 - The Moment of Truth

Take your screw with the hook and stick it into the cork. Take your string and tie it round the hook. You are now ready to hang it on a tree branch. Make sure the branch is strong enough. If several birds land at one time the entire project can come crashing to the ground. It is best to give it a good tug before leaving it for the birds. 

Step 8 - Stand look out

Wait at a small distance and watch for birds. They should start flying in quite quickly. 


Get a local guide to birds and see if you can identify how many visit your new bird feeder. 

It is possible to make bird feeders out of other house hold recyclables. Wine bottles and plastic food containers can also be modified. 

If a child is doing this project then make sure an adult is supervising. Knives and drills can be dangerous tools if they are not used properly. 

Keep you bird feeder clean to keep squirrels and other critters from emptying your feeder. Repellant may be needed.