Making a Candle? 7 Fall Scents to Add That Will Enrich Your Home

If you’re making a candle collection and you want to add nice scents appropriate for autumn, look no further than the foods and foliage that are popular during this season. In general, when you’re planning autumn smells, you’re going toward a heavier set of aromas than you would pick for spring and summer seasons. A lot of harvest scents revolve around hearty baked goods, savories or other foods that people have associated with the harvest for many centuries. Take advantage of some of these fall “flavors” for candles you can enjoy all season long.




This Thanksgiving theme based on the bitter, nutritious cranberry can be a winner for either fall or winter candles. During autumn, it adds a tart note that can complement some of the softer aromas involved in blended seasonal mixes. To add visual pizzazz, you can also embed dried or otherwise preserved berries in the candle or blend them into a decorative outer layer.


A symbol for autumn, the pumpkin is also a common candle scent for this season. The same goes for any of the other fruits and vegetables that get made into traditional autumn baked goods, from banana nut bread to sweet potato and squash pies. You can also add elements like brown sugar to make “fall baking flavor candles” that will warm up any interior space.


The uniquely scented clove spice is something that a lot of people associate with either soft or hard cider, another autumn product. Cloves can be a great addition to your fall candles, a rich, resonant aroma that will give your products “weight.”


This spice is also something that the common nose might associate with autumn. Cloves and cinnamon often go together in a seasonal themed candle. Nutmeg is another similar item that you can use to fill out the scent of a fall themed candle set.


Because autumn is also the time when the trees change, you have an opportunity to use the smell of maple syrup, a tree product, for a kind of indirect association. Maple smells can be another part of your seasonal catalog for when fall comes around.


You can get creative and find ways to give your candles a more savory, nutty scent. The smell of chestnuts is one of the less common fall scents, but when candle makers can achieve this particular aroma, their products will really provide a strong presentation.

Fall Citrus


Some candle makers like to include notes of orange, partly because this fruit smell complements some of the above aromas, but also because oranges are associated with the holiday season, as they were classically given as gifts at Christmas.