Making a Concrete Post Cap

What You'll Need
Trim Molding
2x4 Lumber
1x2 Limber
1/2 Inch Plywood
Concrete Mix

One of the ways that many people like to add a touch of character to a concrete wall, or gated area, is to add a concrete post cap. These caps can be easily fashioned into any type of shape with any type of profile to it. There are plenty of different concrete post caps on the market today, but you can add a certain amount of charm, as well as the knowledge that you did it yourself, by making your own concrete post cap. Here are the steps to take to build a simple cap.

Step 1: Determine Shape of Concrete Post Cap

The great thing about making your own concrete post cap is that you can customize it to fit any type of theme or look that you want. Take some time to figure out what kind of look you want to your cap before you start to build the actual form for it. 

Step 2: Build Form Outline

The easiest way to create a profile for your concrete post cap is to use a combination of wood and trim molding. With this type of wood you can easily create customized profiles that are rounded and have character. Cut angles into some of the wood, angle the crown molding, or router the edges of the wood to get the desired look. Once you have the desired look, then glue and nail them together. You may want to experiment with different looks until you find one that you like. This can mean putting together two or three configurations. 

Step 3: Build Form

The mold pieces will be nailed together on full length boards. This is so that you can cut them to length and create a picture frame type of form. Place a sheet of 1/2 inch plywood on the bottom of the form and nail them together. Use a strap clamp to keep the form together when the concrete is poured into them.

Step 4: Mix Concrete and Pour

Take the concrete bags and start to mix it according to the directions. You can mix it in a wheelbarrow or a bucket. Get it to the consistency of mud and then start to pour it into each of the forms. Let the concrete dry for a couple of days to make sure that is has completely set up and is ready to be placed on the concrete post.

Step 5: Install Cap on Concrete Post

After the concrete has dried you can then remove the nails from the form. Take it completely apart so that you can remove the cap. Mix up the mortar according to the directions and spread it on the concrete post with a trowel. Get some mortar on your trowel and place on the bottom of the cap. Position the cap on the concrete post and wiggle it a little for the mortar to set up. It should take about a day to completely dry and be stable.