Making a Finger Joint with a Table Saw Making a Finger Joint with a Table Saw

A finger joint is used to make boxes stronger. They provide a smoother look to corners and hold up much better than lap or butt joints. Here’s how you can create finger joints on your own with your table saw.

Determine the Size
You will need to figure out what size you what the fingers to be. If you need fingers that are ½ inch wide you will need to start by ripping a strip to ½ inch by ½ inch at least 4 inches long.

Set Your Table Saw
Once you have the pieces for the jib cut, you need to set your table saw. Use stacked dado blades in the saw and position chippers in the middle of the outer blades so the final cut will match the width of the fingers you need.

Set up the Miter Gauge
Secure the board to the tables miter gauge. You can use a drill to drive screws through the holes in the miter gauge in to the wood to secure it.

Finish the Project
From here you can cut your slots and begin to work at the fingers. You may want to practice a few times to get the hang of how to do this.

Your finger joints will provide a more attractive appearance to your project and provide you more strength than other types of joints.

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